Dr. Robbie Freeman

Dr. Robbie is a December 2016 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Prior to that (WAY prior to that), Robbie graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a BA in Religious Studies. Upon graduation of GWU, various ministry and music opportunities allowed him to stay in the Boiling Springs area, a place that has become a dear part of his life, and consequently, where he decided to open his first practice. Recently (October 2019), he relocated his practice to Historic Uptown Shelby (NC) as a part of Synergy Wellness Group where he will continue to provide care and support to individuals and families in their proactive pursuit of vitality and wellness!

Throughout his time studying at Sherman, he was constantly amazed by the incredible attributes the human body was given as a self-regulating, self-healing organism. And with chiropractic care as a medium, Dr. Robbie is excited to engage in the betterment of his community of Boiling Springs, NC, and surrounding areas, by assisting individuals and families, alike, in moving toward their optimum whole health potential.

Robbie is blessed beyond measure to be married to Annie, his wife of 16 years! She has been a consistent source of grace, love, encouragement and support.

“I can’t imagine living life with anyone else!” -Robbie

Robbie and Annie are the parents of three intelligent and beautiful kids – Nathanael, Rachael, and Gabriel. While under care at Freeman Family Chiropractic, it is highly likely, if you have not already, that you will soon meet Annie and the kids!

Outside of his practice, Dr. Robbie enjoys time with his family – pizza movie nights, soccer, gymnastics, voice lessons, golf, pushing cars, the Wii and Xbox… – and is excited about his love for his family translating to you as you begin pursuing vitality as a part of the FFC family.

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