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During your first visit, Dr. Robbie will talk with you about why he believes chiropractic care is an integral part of your overall health and well-being, and give you an explanation of the technique (Torque Release Technique) he uses in his office. Following that, Dr. Robbie will review your health history to determine if there may be a need to consider any special tests and/or imaging prior to providing chiropractic care.

After reviewing your health history, Dr. Robbie will perform a series of scans with the Insight Subluxation Station to assess the performance and adaptability of your nervous system related to emotional, physical, and chemical stressors. This scanning equipment and software will also be used periodically during re-evaluations to track the changes in the health of your nervous system. For this portion of the visit, you will be asked to wear a gown top that will open in back, providing access for the equipment that will measure and record thermal and muscle activity around your spine. The results of these scans will be made available to you both individually and as a part of your CORESCORE.

During your second visit, you will receive a Report of Findings based on your CORESCORE, health history, and any other assessments given during your first visit. This report will include Dr. Robbie’s recommendations for frequency and duration of your initial care. Your progress during this period of initial care will be measured by a re-evaluation, which will provide insight into the necessity of extending care on a scheduled basis.

Once these assessments provide indication of your body’s increased ability to adapt to stress through restored communication within your nervous system, Dr. Robbie will discuss with you the progression into and the benefits of wellness care. (It is important for you to understand that wellness care will not be recommended based on the absence of pain or symptoms, but rather the strength of you nervous system.)


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